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Effects of Dengue Fever on Pregnant Women and Babies

When pregnant women suffer from dengue fever, the bad effects are not only felt by themselves. The fetus in the womb may also receive a negative impact from the disease. Dengue fever is one of the most common causes of fever in people living in the tropics, including Indonesia. Dengue fever is caused by a dengue virus infection, which is spread through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue fever will be more dangerous if it occurs in women who are pregnant. The dengue virus in the body of a pregnant woman can be passed on to the baby she is carrying. Symptoms of Dengue Fever Symptoms of dengue fever are usually seen 4-10 days after the patient is bitten by a mosquito. Symptoms that can appear are: High fever, can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Headache. Eye pain. Muscles, joints and bones ache. A rash appears. Nausea and vomiting. Please note, sometimes the symptoms of dengue fever are similar to the symptoms of flu or other viral infections. Therefore, pregnant women
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The Importance of Learning Breathing Techniques Before Labor Arrives

Breathing done properly during childbirth can provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce pain during childbirth. Therefore, before the time comes, first learn the correct breathing techniques so as not to be confused when in the delivery room later. In addition to helping reduce pain during childbirth, there are many benefits that you can get by doing proper breathing techniques during childbirth, including maximizing the supply of oxygen for you and your baby, relaxing muscles and calming the mind, and facilitating labor. Steps to the Childbirth Respiratory Technique The following are breathing techniques that can be applied during labor: 1. Inhale and exhale slowly Take a deep breath through your nose and let your stomach swell. After that, exhale through pursed lips (like you're whistling). Use your hands to gently press on your stomach, so that all the air comes out. You can use this abdominal breathing technique in the early stages of labor, between contractions

Be careful, excess sugar can interfere with child growth and development

Children's food or snacks tend to have a sweet taste, whereas sugar consumption in children needs to be limited. Excessive sugar intake in children can have a negative impact on health, including affecting the growth and development. Unwittingly, many foods and drinks consumed by children contain high levels of sugar. For example packaged fruit juices, biscuits, candy, cakes, soft drinks, to tomato sauce. In addition, the sugar content in milk for children also needs to be considered, especially in packaged milk that has various types of artificial flavorings. Parents should give milk without or low sugar to avoid the bad effects of excess sugar on children. Impact of excess sugar on children Actually sugar is one source of energy needed by the body. But in excess levels, sugar can actually backfire and can endanger the health of children. Risks to health also increase, if the habit of consuming excess sugar is allowed to mature. Here are some of the dangers of excessive sug